On a holiday in the Pacific island of Bora Bora, Pauline Lee found her inspiration for her nail polish brand amongst the magic of the Frangipani trees.  The heady fragrance, vibrant colours and the purity of the Frangipani flower, were the foundations for the Frangipani nail colour range.  The five petaled flower was a symbol of the natural beauty of a woman’s hand and her fingers.

Back in 2003, Frangipani was the first salon brand in China to demand that their range of nail polishes be free of the chemicals formaldehyde, camphor, DPB or toluene.  This was totally unheard of at that time for the other market brands.

Committed to bringing quality nail polishes to the Chinese market and raising the bar on salon performance, Frangipani only uses formulas imported from France’s most advanced nail polish laboratory, and glass bottles and brushes from Italy, to achieve perfect colour application each time.

At Frangipani, our philosophy is about a professional approach to healthy beautiful nails.  We recognize the importance of finding that “right” colour for your personality, your mood, or your celebrations without compromising on the quality of our products and a healthier option for your body.  

Seeing the number of soon to be moms, or brand new moms who come to our salons for service, it’s clear that these women appreciate the fact that there is an alternative in the market place.

Beauty with a conscience