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2013 Things we love, and want to share with you…

2013 Giving

The Library Project brings books, libraries and the necessary infrastructure to operate a library to communities with a need in China. As moms we know the joy that are own kids get from books, which makes this cause one close to our hearts. Click to learn more or to make a donation in kind.

A Day In Blossom

Finding the right words for that moment or occasion is now made easier by the gorgeous bouquets and flower arrangements by Ying Liang the owner. We can’t sing enough praises about her and her shop. The shop in itself has been lovingly put together, flowers are displayed on beautiful old wood tables and stands that leaves us wanting to buy everything, including the chandelier.

Cashmere by the Gram

We love this innovative idea…quality cashmere by the gram. Here, you don’t pay by the piece it’s by the weight of each sweater. The best thing that we love about this place is that the quality is excellent at a fraction of the price you would have to pay back home. Open Tuesday and Thursday and located at 100 Zun Yi Road Tower B 33rd Floor room 3308. +86 21 6237 0638


A gorgeous brand to share with all our girlfriends. Beautiful quirky prints on organic cotton in beautifully cut pieces.  Need we say more? Find it at The Nest in Taikang Road 


Find yourself at The Farm….

Sometimes we need to escape the hustle and bustle of China living. Rebalance chakras, de-tox the body and mind, and find inner calm. Deep in the foothills of Mt Malarayat in Batangas, Philippines, lies The Farm, a centre for holistic healing and wellness. This is not your typical farm where animals are raised for food. What is raised on The Farm is your level of health consciousness, and what is cultivated is a change in outlook. It is a realisation that regaining or improving health is possible, and that natural methods are effective in restoring balance and vitality. If 2011’s resolutions includes any of these, clearing the mind, managing daily stress, enhancing vitality, improving nutrition, jump starting sustainable weight loss, or finding all-round life enrichment then we love The Farm in Batangas, Philippines for offering a 5 star sanctuary to do so.

Relax, refresh and renew check them out at